Writer's Blog - Selling My Car

Hi all, my name is Andy and I am one of the writers here at UsedCarOffer. Over the last 7 years I have had a love affair with my Ford Ranger, it has been a noble steed and has passed any test I have thrown at it, and we have shared many good times so I would like to pay it a little tribute.


I bought my 2005 Ford Ranger in 2007, second hand and I can still feel the sense of excitement that I got the day I first brought it home and parked up on my drive. It has been reliable, rugged and sturdy and I must say I don’t have many, if any complaints. I do feel however that the Ranger is becoming a little bit outdated as it comes up to its 10th birthday. A pal of mine from work is driving a contract hire Mitsubishi Outlander which is one of the attest models and some of the features and equipment they have is excellent, it has a reversing camera, parking sensors and electrically adjustable leather seats.

I have considered staying loyal and had a look at some Ford Rangers from recent years, I found a 2012 second hand Ford Ranger which has it all, it has an onboard computer and heated seats for Christ sakes, and that is just what I want. This is probably the most logical next step and it would stop me from feeling to guilty about getting rid of my old Ranger if I am keeping it in the family as it were. Though now there is a spanner in the works about how I am going to go about buying it. In the past I have only dealt with used cars, and never really considered leasing, to be fair back when I bought my Ranger leasing wasn’t such a big thing anyway. But my mate absolutely swears by his decision to start Mitsubishi Outlander leasing and has been encouraging me to do the same with a new Ford Ranger, it does sound nice being able to drive a brand new car, and I have read up on how leasing can be very cost effective, but it seems like it is only really beneficial if you are planning on getting rid of the car after 3 years, and considering I have had my current Ford Ranger for the best part of 10 years.

Anyway, goodbye Randy the Ranger it has been an absolute pleasure, and I hope your next owner treats you as well as I have. You are a true work horse and I will miss you.